Seeking artist collaboration for Tabletop Miniatures Games

Hello there, folks. We are designing 3 tabletop miniatures games in the same universe and are looking to find an artist who would like to join the team and reap the long-term benefits of being involved. What we are initially looking for are some concept art but we’d like to get 3d models that can be printed for our initial demo games and eventually move toward resin casting or injection molded plastics.

We have already had discussions with companies that do the production side of the house, we need an artist or artists to join the team and work with us on models that fit the universe.

It’s a scifi universe. There will be 9 factions, and across three games we will have ground based units for an urban warfare game, and space vessels for both a fleet tactics game as well as a dogfight game.

We welcome all interested, serious replies, but replies with samples of your work will obviously be raised to the top.

Thanks in Advance!