Seeking artist for ongoing custom work, prefab or away3d experience pref.

We are seeking an ongoing working relationship with an artist comfortable in the architectural interiors area (kitchen and bathroom interiors, furniture).

We require fairly simple (for web) models on a custom ongoing basis. Blender is probably best for initial creation, but we’ll need them massaged for Away3D.

If you are interested, please PM or reply.

Oh… Away3d… not right now. .Sorry…
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I can do high quality architectural interior modelling and renders.

I have a portfolio at cgsociety:- http://stoneage (dot) cgsociety (dot) org/gallery/

Can you tell us some more about the terms, workload, timescale etc?

Tell him yours! :slight_smile:

Laidler, I charge $50.00 an hour. I always try to deliver something as quickly as possible, and then refine it, so you can manage the time spent efficiently. You determine when it is done.

I have been working with 3d and graphic design professionally for about 4 years, and consider myself fairly proficient in all aspects. I am a full-time freelancer, most of my work is with e-commerce websites, though I have been doing more and more 3d and animation projects of late. It’s my passion, so I would really enjoy to work with you on this. I have quite a few “irons in the fire”, but I tend to work in a round-robin fashion, so you will see regular progress despite my other commitments.

I want to expand my arch viz portfolio, so it might work out perfect for us both. Recent personal project: -only spent a few hours, just for learning Cycles.

Older interior: -done for a title animation of a web seminar.

Lots of various models for use in an animation: Interior models and the like start on page 4. Basically built an entire casino in a month, down to the cards and glassware.

As far as Away3d is concerned, I have no prior experience with it. I do however have lots of Flash experience, and I’ve coded actionscript for 3d objects several times. Again I am interested in this, so quite willing to learn this aspect. I don’t charge for wasted time due to my errors or for time spent learning/researching.

I used to build houses, so I am pretty familiar with architectural work and cabinet making. I actually own a cabinet company that runs on the side (not much business, but it’s good when it hits). The site is embarrassing. I built it years ago:, but it still loads if you are patient.

You can contact me at mike at babymonkeystudios dot com or by calling 1-888-325-0974 ext 1- I am the tech support department. :slight_smile:

I am based in the US, Louisville Ky to be specific (Eastern time, GMT -4). I look forward to discussing this further if you have any questions, and working with you.

-Mike White

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Thanks everyone for responding. I will be in touch before the weekend to the best suited.