Seeking artists design (Danilo)

Hello my name and Danilo de Oliveira Leal and own a large and ambitious project, I believe that the union of 3d artists can create a great game.
At the moment we need to design and programmers. Anyone who knows how to model, edit or animate level models. I’m looking Modeler, Animator, Programmer, graphic design, and a good writer with good English and Portuguese. Just you have knowledge in one of the areas mentioned above and look for me.
Not looking busy people and beginners looking for professionals committed to being productive. The faster you go, the faster and the chance to finish.
The design and commercial and profit we obtain will be divided by all artists, our team is called Danilo Games Studio, and I intend to compete with big companies in the gaming market.
The engines are to be used Blender, CryENGINE3, UDK3, tools and assistance Autodesck like Maya, 3D Studio Max

How and Project?
There are three projects Dormin, Fan game God of war, and Resistencia (the style Crysis3)
I’m currently focused only on the project Dormin, based on the mysteries of shadown of the colossus, and a rise of this forbidden lands in style god of war.
Genre: action adventure, seasoned with suvivol horro and ultraromantismo. The time that passes the game a secret and a mystery since at first sight and medieval, but along the way one discovers that, and a post-apocalyptic future. The game deals with demons, angels, Machines and giants, aliens and Egyptian gods of war.
Sera sandebox a game in the third person, I intend to put a mutiplayer online and offline.
Email; [email protected]