hey, i wasnt sure wut forum to put this in, but im searching for some begginer blender programers, and charector animators, for a game, sorta based on halo, just for fun really, but i thought we could have some fun!

if you are interested, send me an email, at [email protected]
or send my a IM, my AIM is IMAHERATIC

hope to hear from sombody soon!!


you mean beginners? and characters?

sorry, but what means “wut” ? never seen that word in english?

sorry for picking, just wanted to correct your spelling :wink:

‘Wut’ can be used like ‘Wot’ to replace ‘what’ on the net.

exactly, sorry about the spelling, it was late

Tell me more 8) You can catch my email addy at my site too.


Sounds interesting…I suppose I could help with some of the modeling :slight_smile:


everyone has to begin somewhere

Beginners modeling characters in a Halo like way. Wouldn’t that be one of the hardest things to do at the start? Oh well, I still can’t do it! But my E-Mail is [email protected] :slight_smile: