Seeking bids - cartoon insect models and textures

Thanks everyone. This job has been hired out.

I’m seeking quotes or bids for 2 models.

I work for a marketing company. We’re doing a video with animated bugs. We like the cockroach character from the attached link and will likely purchase it for the project. We’re looking for someone who can create a matching set of 2 models: an ant and a spider. The ant would need to be much smaller, like a child compared to the roach.

We would need fully textured models with clean topology and uvs.
no rigging or skinning/weight painting needed.
Deliverables can be obj and png/tiff or .blend with packed textures.

Can you give us a price quote for a 1 week due date, a 2 week due date, an exclusive license and a non-exclusive license?

(basically, I don’t want to model these myself and I’m trying to get my bosses to hire this part of the video out)

Thank you everyone!


Everyone, please read the post carefully and make sure you include all the information requested for your bid.

For the sake of those who don’t speak English as a first language:
PRICE PER MODEL(exclusive and non-exclusive use):
DEADLINE(under 15 days):

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Hello message sent, please check!

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Hello all interested artists. –

I won’t be checking this over the weekend, but I’ll check my inbox here first thing on Monday.

Hi There,

I have PMed you regarding this. Please check it out.

Rocky Dash

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I sent you a PM. Please have a look.

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Hello Everyone.

This job has been filled. thanks.

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