Seeking Blender Game Character Modeler and/or Rigger

Hello Blender artist,

I am an individual animator seeking a paid character modeler and rigger for an original game character with future opportunities.
The character I am seeking is fairly simple, human with stylized cartoony/anime-esque features (AKA baby character).
For modeling, you should be able to model solid topology that is suited for rigging. Modeling will include simple clothing and hair, and including colliders when finished. Finished model should be presentable in Blender’s basic renderer Eevee. Must be able to follow and work off of concept art and willing to provide revisions if necessary.
For rigging, you should be able to rig at an advanced level that is straightforward to animate especially for hands, feet, and facial expressions. Project requires a versatile, advanced facial rig and properly weighted geometry. Examples of the level of rigging: Cori Project - Update 2, Demo Cori Rig Wip, BlenRig Test
Finished product should be coherently labelled and organized, with descriptions if necessary. (in ENG or JP only)
Latest version of Blender

+Bonus for included texturing.
+Bonus if you’re willing to document your work.
+Bonus for creative art direction.
+Bonus if you have experience with game characters.

If you can do the modeling portion but not the rigging I am still open to any offers.

Budget is modest, indie developer. Paid on commission (more steady future work to be offered.)

Here are some basic details about the project:

  • Adventure Fantasy/Horror
  • 3rd person
  • Unreal Engine
  • 3D Characters/Environment
  • Estimated 16-20 hrs gameplay
  • Full credit given

Contact here if interested. Please include a quote, any questions you may have, and examples/portfolio of your work.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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