Seeking Blender/Gimp mentor in trade for SW engineering experience

TL;DR - Trade the occasional CG mentoring for SW mentoring and/or lightweight dev work. Nothing too time consuming on your part.


A software engineer with over 10 years industry experience. I’ve worked in a variety of fields including graphics development for both ATI and Intel. I have extensive experience with C/C++, Python and low-level graphics and network stacks for embedded systems.

I also had a few years of arts school training minus the CG business. Sadly, I haven’t picked up a sketch pad in the better part of a decade and so my technical skills are laughable.

What I’m looking for:

I’m seeking a mentor of sorts with experience using Blender and Gimp. No extensive time requirements or hands on tutoring. I’m simply looking for a friend to provide the occasional direction and feedback to keep me pointed in the right direction. The occasional email, suggestions for incremental design projects (i.e. “Try to create X,Y and Z because that’s the next step for you…”), and a little friendship / collaboration :slight_smile:

If you’re a professional artist and would like some dev help on your personal project I would be absolutely thrilled.

What you get:

A free software engineer. I don’t expect you’ll need a kernel debugged any time soon. But perhaps:

  • You’re interested in programming and would like help getting started
  • You need help with CS classes and homework
  • You have a small to medium size project that could use a part-time dev
  • You’ve done a bit of programming but want to learn something useful beyond the “ivory tower”
  • You need a feature / bug fix (open source or personal projects only)

I can also help with light weight embedded design projects (Arduino, Galileo, FPGA design) if hardware is your thing.

What you don’t get:

  • Someone who writes a lot of Java or web code (I can and have but it’s just not my thing baby)
  • Someone who has experience with game programming (Trust me, there’s a domain learning curve no matter what you do. Want ads that read “Must have extensive Blender game experience” read to engineers like “Artist must be experienced in drawing pictures of rabbits”. If you’re making Roger Rabbit 2… it’s gonna help. But maybe it’s not the single most important thing you should consider?)

Basically, I’d just like a little friendly advice and direction so I can learn a new skill. In return, perhaps I can help you learn a new skill as well? I’d just like to meet some new people and share knowledge.

Thanks for reading!
-Frostypaws =^…^=

Sent a PM. Sounds fun!

Hi @@frostypaws and welcome.

I have a similar background to you (but perhaps more web and definitely less embedded programming). I’ve been learning Blender for a while. My main interest is in producing 3D film and animation and prefer a simple rather than photorealistic look. I’m curious which aspects of Blender you are most interested in? I would suggest different paths to learning Blender depending on which direction you hope to go: like animation or still images or games or SFX?