Seeking Character Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Animation

Hello, I am doing a 15 second spot that requires a clothing wearing, human style standing dog. The character art is drawn as a cartoon, but we’ll be wanting a movie Pikachu type of rendering for him. Currently he has no background other than alpha and not a lot of motion other than expression. He does have lips synch. There is a good chance he’ll end up being animated for longer sections in the future. Audio and probably video reference of how the body will move will be provided. He will mostly just walk on and idle while talking.

This will be used for a Public Service Announcement.

This is not a rush job at the moment.

Our primary website is:
You can see some past character animation we’ve produced here:

Ask any questions you need. Thanks.

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Are you looking for an animation or a rig for an animation?

I’m looking for all the categories whether it be from one vendor or multiple divided.