Seeking Critiques on 100% Procedurally Textured Eye

Hi, All

I’m new to this forum, but not new to Blender and am seeking critiques on a product I’m hoping to release on Blender Market. Below are some example renders of a 100% procedurally textured eye I’ve created for Blender 2.82+ and some of the possible variations that can be created.
Even the veins are procedural… 4 layers of them.

There are many great eye products out there, but none I’ve found with the level of texture control that I’ve been able to accomplish.

Please provide constructive criticism so I may release the best product I’m capable of.

Thank you!



Blue in facial setting








Welcome! It looks good. I think there’s a little too much contrast in the iris IMO, and the veins could be a little more prominent.

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Thank you!

Very good points.

By contrast in the iris, do you mean the bump effect/detail is too strong?

IMO, in between the outer dark ring of the iris and the edge of the pupil, the values have too much variance. I don’t think it’s the bump, although it could be.

Ah, ok. I’ll make some adjustments this evening and report back with a new render.

Thanks again.

I really like it. Everyone’s eye is different so you could call it a day, but imho i would add some veins to the fron part of eye, I would make the dark corner of iris a little bit less thin. I think that from the side the eye has more reflections.But thats just me who would not be able to achieve a result like this.

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Cool, really convincing. I ve also made one for free on gumroad. But your veins system seems really cool.

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Excellent, thanks! =)
There’s 4 layers of veins that can be controlled from front to back, including bump, and one layer that can be controlled laterally. Color, saturation, and value can be controlled individually for each layer.

Under different lighting the veins are much more visible… I’ll try to add some more renders soon to.
It’s hard to get good lighting that shows all areas of the eye at once that I want to show off.

I tend to agree… I keep looking at one set of eyes and making small adjustments, then looking at a different set of eyes and making more small adjustments, ad nauseum.

Thank you for the feedback!

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Make a good gif to expose all the sides perhaps

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Do you have a link to your eye on gumroad, please?

A gif is an excellent idea, though I don’t have the time to render an animation at the moment among making small adjustments.

Here are some Evee and Cycles shots in harsher lighting that show off the veins… then I’ll post one in the previous lighting to see if you think I addressed your concern with the contrast.

Keep in mind, all of these textures are procedural and adjustable on-the-fly… even the visibility, variance, and color of everything… individually. There are ‘Quick Controls’ that make the most common of adjustments very accessible to those not comfortable with the node editor.



HDRI: Studio Small 07 by Greg Zaal from HDRI Haven

So, for the contrast issue… i still wasn’t quite sure which area you were talking about, but assumed it was the harsh shadow of the sclera coming over the iris. I softened that a little by expanding and softening that gradient transition. Does this look better?

HDRI: Cayley Interior by Greg Zaal from HDRI Haven

Thank you for any further guidance!


Please see my reply in the main thread… apparently i replied to myself =/

Please see my latest post and decide if I addressed any of the concerns you raised.
The veins are more or less visible depending on the lighting, but I did bring them forward a bit and rendered in harsher lighting for visibility.

Each layer is fully adjustable to achieve each person’s individual preference.


Found it! Good job! Which texture did you end up using for the Iris strands?

and here’s one with less contrast/bump in the iris itself.


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Here is the link where I post all sorts of ideas.

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