Seeking Critism and Suggestions

Hey all, so I’m currently working on a quick piece I’ve put together in about 3 1/2 to 4 hours and as I always strive to make even the fastest image the best it can be (otherwise how do you learn?) I’d be interested in hearing what you guys think of it/ things you think I could improve on.

The image is based on a pretty simple sketch done by MM.

Thanks for for your time and I sincerely appreciate any feedback.



I do know about the soil inside the dome though I just haven’t got around to fixing that yet, limited free time y’know. :slight_smile:

also here’s a image I renderd to make sure it had an appealing silhouette.


I am not quite sure, but from the double reflections I think that the normals of the inner parts of the glass are pointing outwards, while the should be pointing inwards. Maybe you should select the inner part of the glass and just flip the normals to see if the double reflections are gone and if the refraction of the glass is working better.

The texture on the ground plane is looking a bit low resolution. Maybe find another one or try creating a procedural one :wink:

One last thing: I think it would add to the realism and momentum of the image, if you added smaller glass particles. Not really more glass pieces, but rather just “glass dust”, as a result of the creature breaking the glass. That and some motion blur on the part that are moving fast would make this already very good image great for me!

Other than that: Looking good! The concept is cool, too.

Thanks for the suggestions! I added the glass shards and it looks great! I tried out the motion blur and flipping the normal as well but I didn’t like how it looked.


Here’s the next Creature from the concept. :slight_smile:


will i think that it,s pretty cool , i cant say anything about it it,s pretty awesome

And here’s the presentation I’m putting together to show these to MM.

What do you guys think?


It’s been compressed though. For some reason Blender Artists won’t allow me to upload the full size.

Thanks! Glad to hear you like it.

I like the concept and rendered style, very original. There’s lots of movement and ominous energy in these plants!

Are these going to be composited into one image as you show in #7? If so you’ll need to rethink the composition and eye-lines of the scene. Right now they lead the viewer’s eye in opposite directions.

yeah it is thy look like if thy are a game model,s

They’re not really rendered together. It’s more like a poster or a multiple image presentation. :slight_smile:

This is how I visualized the flow of the image reading from left to right.


The strong implied movement of the subjects out of the frame suggests otherwise. I want to know where they are going! It’s probably ok if they are separate images.

I noticed some vertical lines on the upper “jaw” of the flytrap creature. Is this a UV mapped image texture?

Good point.

Do you think it’s distracting enough I should change it?

No, that’s a film grain texture I’m overlaying, It’s just a style choice not an eror.

It would be easy enough to fix if you think it’s that big an issue. I can just flip the tentacle plant.