Seeking Dedicated Artist (long-term position)


My name is Ethan, and I am a freelance generalist who has 4+ years of working solo, but have recently begun to accrue contract work that is enough to support me and an additional artist.

I am currently looking for one artist, although I have plans to expand over time, as the work increases. The ideal candidate for this position would possess:

Well-rounded Blender abilities (length of Blender-specific experience negligible)
At least 1 year professional experience (freelance/team positions etc)
Good internet connection (for file sharing and conference calls)
Ideally at least 2 hours a day to devote to position.
Good command of the English language.
Prompt communication skills.

I have projects that need immediate attention, so this qualifies as an immediately paid work. The pay would be based per project finished, NOT hourly. I do payment via Paypal primarily, although I am open to discussing other methods. I would handle the money and accounting, to keep everything in order-- although it will be a very transparent process- questions always welcome about any step of the procedure.

My office is currently based in CST, therefore I would prefer to work with someone in the North American/European time zones, although I am not adverse to interviewing people in farther areas like Asia, if the qualifications are right.

Feel free to get a hold of me through a PM here at Blenderartists, or an email to my work email: ethanjbiller[at] Also, take a look at my website to get an idea of myself and my work: ethanjbiller[dot]com

Thanks so much for reading, I hope to hear from some candidates soon!

Ethan J.

All applicants get a fair consideration regardless of gender/religion/race, so please feel free to submit your portfolio, and I’d love to chat more on this!

Email sended.

Email sent!

Wow~! Thanks for all the replies, everyone! I have received a wealth of portfolios and artist’s applications. I will go through them this weekend, hopefully-- and I will make sure to update this thread when I have made my final selections.


I have filled the original position, so I have marked this thread as closed. Thanks again to all who applied, I will definitely save your info to use soon!