Seeking entrepreneurial 3D Character Animator to jointly form Startup in San Diego, California


The title sums it up: I am a 3D Gaming web programmer with also an extensive background in the CRM and Enterprise Software industry. Over the years I migrated from coding on Stage3D to coding on WebGL with its growing availability. I am looking for a 3D Character Animator with a truly entrepreneurial mindset to jointly form a Startup in San Diego, California. Target is to go after Corporate Brand Gaming and Marketing Gaming. Business goal is to grow the company as fast as possible by aggressively winning projects, players, and market share by delivering high quality Web VR Games first and later AR games running in Web and Mobile Web Browsers. You must be in San Diego and well rooted in San Diego, like I am. You must be a middle to advanced modeler-animator, be able to dedicate 100% of your work-time to the startup, and be in a position to be financially self-sufficient at least until the startup brings in enough money to take the relay (i.e. 2 years, to be on the safe side). If you are interested send me a personal message. We can start the conversation to discover how aligned we are from a vision, skills and ambition point of view.

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PS: I cannot yet send Personal Messages to users as I just registered as a new user, but I should be able to reply if I receive one, so contact me by sending a PM if interested. Thank you.