Seeking face to face instruction on modeling photo likeness in blender. Geo-dependent

Seeking a Master or skilled 3D Sculptor/Modeler skilled in blender for face to face 1 on 1 lessons of capturing the likeness of photo references using the box modeling mesh as a base and refining the detail further with box modeling methods or with digital sculpting tools. The mesh should have not only the face, but also the entire body and clothing specified in the reference.

Instructor should live within a 1-1.5 hours drive of Newark, Delaware.

Compensation will be $40/hr of instruction with training blocks being 3-4 hours long on the arranged days of instruction for however long such lessons are deemed necessary to continue. Will travel to instructors location or compensate additonally for travel to home location in Newark, Delaware.:smiley:

Alternatively, if the instructor is not within the specified traveling distance in Delaware or Philadelphia, Maryland, or New Jersey travel arrangement can be made to the instructors location within the United States for longer blocks of instruction time at the $40/hr rate.

Recognizing the uniqueness of this request, I would also be willing to purchase this service in bulk if an arrangement for video tutorials on the specified topics can be arranged.

Good luck finding that person! but it maybe harder than you think.

Any luck? I think that person will be hard to find.

None so far.

Maybe you have to think in skype or some sort of conference software, and a way to work on the same file thru dropbox or similar.