Seeking for 3d artists for creating an amazing project , would you like to check my topic?

Hello Everybody

How are you doing , hope everything is fine !!

I am Looking for 3d artists who would like to help and collaborate with each other . I know there are a lot of kind and lovely people here that would like to lend a hand . As I would be excited to know you . And I do not mind having beginners at all .

I am forming a short animated filmmaking team . That hopefully by time passes we will make amazing short animated movies . I like this industry so much and I can’t wait to start developing an animated movie . I don’t love being a lone on this road , however I want it to be with people collaborating , helping , and basically a team !

Searching for 3d artists that they are modelers , animators , or a generalists that uses Blender to do all of these awesome 3d art that will be made in the future .

The revenue plan is revshare , meaning if the short animated movie is published and if it makes money then that revenue will be shared equally with each other . As we intend to be a long term team since even for making a 5 minutes animated movie , it might take so long to finish .

Note : Every project we are going to develop will not going to be banished/unfinished in any way .

If you are interested in what I have said and would like to join the team or for just asking a question , DM me on discord : Fadel#1811 and I will respond to you as soon as I can .

Thank you for your time , I really appreciate it !

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You do not say what topics these 5 min. videos will be

Are there already scripts, storyboards, and other pre-production elements? Or are you hiring writers and previz artists separately?


No there are no pre production elements yet , just looking for some people who would like to help and then we will start discussing every aspect in our first project and what should be done and ect,

Sorry , but what ? I did not understand

So you’re basically looking for someone else to do all the hard work while you “lead” the project?

If you’re looking for volunteers to help you out, you have at least to show first that you’ve done some of the initial work. Otherwise you’re just another “dude with a dream but no skills” looking for the easy/lazy way to getting something done and taking all the credit for it.

There is no revenue on a short film. If there is it’s so small that it will barely pay for a pizza and a soda for each of your team members.


Why I hear that a lot , yes I lead but I work on the project too . I know it is a hard thing to understand the movie industry and learn it , but by time for sure I will . And no I am not taking all the credit , I appreciate every single one who is collaborating with me .

I am saying revshare because sadly I can’t afford paying everyone and the thing is I truly understand the hard work that will be done in the project . As by that , I am getting the same amount of revenue each one in the team will get because obviously it is revshare and not an unpaid project .

It is up to you to trust what I am saying or not , but at least I know what I am willing to do .

Revenue from where? Who’s funding this? And how do you plan to make money off a short film?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a cool idea, and I’d love to work on a community short film.

But it’s quite a commitment, and quite a lot of trust to pledge my valuable time on a project that isn’t even planned yet.

I think you jumped the gun. Instead of “building a team” from nothing, develop a plan and figure out a budget.

Instead of trying to hire animators and modelers, build a preproduction team. Figure out a concept and even do a bit of concepting and writing yourself.

It would be easier to get into if I know the concept is something I like in the first place. And I’d be a lot more willing to put my time into it if I can see that you are too.


I absolutely concur with you…

Hello and welcome to BA !

Being in the CG field for some years now I already see similar attempt from time to time.
And yes it’s not the best way to start a movie project, at least I don’t recall seeing a successful project which started like that , or do you ?

Probably, you’ll have to start alone first, maybe doing one short is enough work, but if you’re really serious about making a few of them you should develop them in parallel.

To develop each project, you should have a small file per short that present them in the best possible way.
That should include a sum up of the story, some character, at least some reference visuals for environments , characters. But it will be much better if you have original concept arts instead of a mood board.

This will help a lot to bring people into your team. And you should lead the project.
Putting some people in a room and let them tell what movie they’d like to do will probably won’t bring you anywhere.

But if you like collaborative projects that’s super cool, start with an original idea from you, and look for people that will help you to improve the story, the character designs etc…
Once the development phase is done, you should have a clear idea of the story, and be able to evaluate how much work is needed in order to make the movie.

Even if people aren’t payed, you should take money ( = work time) into account in order to be successful. So it’s easy to say things like : Ok I’ve got 1 character to create from an actual design, that’s 1 week for modeling/textures + 1 week for rigging. Given that people aren’t payed and work on weekend it will probably be done in 2/3 months (counting 1 day per week). Knowing these kind of things might prevent you for adding like 10 people in the movie , and ending up waiting for 20/30 months for characters. Or having to find 10 modelers.

Good luck ! At least having these ideas means two things : you probably underestimate how much work it is to make a movie, you are quite passionate about it.
You may give up at some point because it’s too much work. Or learn a lot how it works and maybe end up working on this industry. Probably a lot of people here (me included) as started with similar ideas.


Thank you so much for your advice , I mean finally there is someone who is giving a true advice other than saying that I will be doing nothing just standing out and everybody work , that is not my idea of course . Well as you said I am pretty passionate about this industry , but I do not want to make a short movie alone keeping in mind it would take so much work and time . No worries I am aware that it is indeed a hard thing to model/animate/rig and do other things . Yet I think that I am really doing it wrong by not expressing what I am doing in the team , yes I am leading , but no one is understanding that I am serious about what I am doing and they are thinking that I’m just another lazy boy who wants to play around , which I am not like that .

I am doing my best to create a simple short story that have a meaningful idea , I am learning how to create a great story with connecting characters that fit in their environment . I am analyzing PaperMan’s short movie to understand how it has an amazing and appealing story for sure going through a lot of videos explaining the 3 act structure that contains the Prologue , Inciting Incident , First turning point , mid point and ect… Understanding how to create character/s that would make an emotional connection to the audience by analyzing some Pixar movies , such as Toy Story ( Woody ) ( Buzz ) , Ratatouille ( the rat himself ) , Monsters ( Mike ) and ect… Referencing a lot to Pixar as I want my short movies to be similar to it’s production and again searching , understanding how can the style be similar to it and a lot more …

My point of what I just said is that I am really taking it serious and searching , learning about how to have an appealing movie and I will not give up because as I said before I am really passionate and motivated in what I am doing .

Again thank you so much for your words , I truly appreciate it , as you are the first one who said such an amazing and encouraging words to me and it really touched my heart .

Best of luck to you too and hope you have a nice day !


Revenue from a good quality movie that have an appealing story with great advertising , no one is funding this by the way , from social media or by selling it on some sites maybe ours if we have or by submitting the short animated movie into a festival or a lot more ideas that have a relation to marketing .

No worries , I understand your point and the will of guiding and helping me and thank you by the way .

What you are saying is true and I think I really rushed towards getting 3d artists before having an appealing story that would show that we are serious about creating a short animated movie that have a meaningful idea and interesting characters just by reading a script or something . I had an idea in my mind but I do not think that it is really helping me , as I am looking forward to any advice I can get the same as you did .

Thank you for your time writing out this reply message , I truly appreciate it !

Best of luck and hope you have a good day !


You should have interesting story first. 5min, five pages screenplay.


Got it and it’s underwork !

It would add credibility if you could share some of your previous animation/movie projects too.


Cool !

In order to be taken seriously by other artists you must convey your ideas visually.

I can told you that I have an amazing series project, with great characters, that all this is pretty well though etc… But you have to believe me that it’s true, and it will take probably a lot of time and energy to convince people that I’m serious.
However, if it’s really the case and I’ve got a few concept picture of that project to show, and because these concept explain visually the idea, then there is probably not much more to explain. People will instantly get how serious the project is and how determined am I.

Doing everything on your own is probably too much, but you’ll have to do a lot of work anyway. That’s important so people can trust you that you’ll be able to finish the project no matter what. And also people helping you may not be as determined as you. At least that’s what I saw when working on other’s projects.
The lead do most of the work and call for help to complete a few things.

While on commercial project the dynamic is a bit different and even tho some people are more invested in the project than other, the workload is more balanced between the members of the team.

On a commercial project people are payed and hopefully they like the project they are working on.
But they need to provide each days a substantial amount of work in order to keep their job. And that earned money help them to get a place to leave, and do things they like to do. Plus completing this job well might help them to get future jobs too.

On these kind of collaborative projects, there is less reasons for people to provide a great amount of work. It can be a passion for the project, it can also help beginners to train themselves or build their portfolio. Or for more experienced people to try something a bit different. But it will obviously bring less benefit to them, so it’s likely that it will get a lower priority for them. At least in the beginning and for the majority of people helping you.
At some point some people might find the same motivation as you for the project and consider it as much as their own as you do. But you shouldn’t count on it first.

Hope that helps a bit, and good luck with all that ! There is a lot of interesting things to learn in the process. Movie making is a lot about problem solving, finding people to help you is another problem to solve and you’ll eventually find a way to make it work just like with all the little issue you’ll find on that road :smiley:


Sadly you are 100% right , most people will give it less attention by time if they are experts or not well motivated about the project and if there’s no promise that what we are doing will make any difference .

I am working on starting to write down the story it self with my team , even if they are just concepts at least we will have the idea of how the movie will be just by writing/reading a script .

I am willing to learn as much as I can with the help of the people that will surround me and eventually collaborating with me . As problem solving is a major thing that everyone will face in his life so learning more on how to solve things is a must learn skill especially as you said for this industry ( creating animated movies )

Again thank you so much , what you are saying really helps and I deeply appreciate it !


Cool !

Yes, going that road and preparing a good presentation of your project in order to onboard people will also help you a lot in the process. You’ll get a much better idea of what is important , what is missing.
And you’ll be far more convincing !

But yeah, if you don’t have that , from a professional POV there is no way to judge how much serious you and your project are.
We are all consumers of movies, so we all have some kind of expertise and movie culture.
For many people they don’t make the difference between that consumer level expertise and actually
the expertise of a movie maker.

For instance, many of my friends that don’t especially work in the movie industry will say that they didn’t like a movie because the story is broken. Yet they probably don’t know how to fix it properly, and if we investigate we might find that maybe the story is ok, it’s more the visual storytelling that doesn’t work for them.
But yeah that’s the difference with a professional, that will be able to analyse what’s wrong , and even more propose an effective solution to fix it ! Consumers in general can only feel that something is wrong.

But they don’t get that. They may also have ideas about some movie project they’d like to make (so many people have a movie project). But probably if they have access to a real budget, and all that is needed to actually make their movie they won’t be able to correctly write and direct it.

But as consumer it’s really difficult to get that since we look regularly at a lot of movies , series, and we all kind of know the movie making process. But of course the main difference is when you force yourself to do these things, solve these issues on different project for some years, then you get a movie maker expertise.

But yeah, since both consumer and movie makers looks exactly the same, it’s hard to tell which is which so you must prove that your project is worth it if you want to be taken seriously !

Hope that helps a bit, and good luck with your projects !!