Seeking help on my feature film Hermit Monster Killer!

I been working on a feature film for 10 years now, and finally shot principal last summer on the film called Hermit Monster Killer! It is an independent Swedish horror comedy.

Here are a couple of news blog articles summarise the film pretty good :slight_smile:


The film is mikro budget. I shot the film myself, currently editing the film myself in adobe premiere CC. Ive been trying to understand cgi but it is to complicated for me so i need help :slight_smile:

Im here now for seeking help with animation. The movie is a mix between practical effects and i need creature effects for all wide shots.

If there is anyone who can help me create a 3d modell and a rig maybe help with some animation would be great.

My email is: [email protected]

Teaser trailers for the film:

Someone is needed to texture the monster. It is modeled and unwrapped and rigged. Maybe also detail sculpt for baking normal maps.