Seeking Inspiration

Have been doing a lot of restudy since coming back to Blender, and I know enough to probably try a small to mid-sized project.

But I’m not sure of what to do. Most of what I know is like all scattered specific tutorial type stuff.

What might be a good, inspirational type of project to shoot for? Something to bring it all together.


what do you want to do? A model? An animation? A game? What level?

If I were looking for modelling inspiration I would probably do an animal. A rare one. Like an armadillo or something.

If I wanted to do a full animation, and had no story idea, I oud probably choose a page or two from a comic book. The panels translate pretty well to a shot.

If I were to do a game… probably a level of zelda…

how about recreate the Gorillaz floating windmill in the sky in Feel Good Inc? I always wanted to, but never got around to it…

the best way to get inspiration is to just start drawing something, and eventually you will end up with something where you go, hey thats a great scene! and BAM now you got a great scene

well, I was thinking of modelling a human figure, but I wonder if that isnt too much to try. How long would it take to do a full human?

im not going to lie, doing a human is VERY hard, and will take a lot of practice to get correct…so if anything, just model an anatomically correct hand ;D

yeah, just to learn the tuts on CGCookie for modeling a full human are like at least 4 hours… And that’s just modeling, no clothing or animation.

But it sort of brings up a question of length of projects - How long do you spend on your average project?

Maybe I could break it down into separate smaller, more manageable projects, like hands, feet, eye, hair, torso, etc… each in it’s own file… and then append them all into one master file, and then finally connect everything?

you could, but my most recent project took me from ten this morning to ten at night, and I worked on it nonstop…its the nuketown one…you can see it by going to my profile and clicking find all posts started, and then click on the first one…and that took 12 hours and most of it is simple…so it all depends on the style and work you want to put into it…my projects have ranged from 20 minutes to 23 hours and 75 minutes (not including rendering time)…i actually am STILL working on a project ive been working on for 9 months…

With sculpting now it’s probably not as common, but back in the day you would see an artist reuse the same anatomical hands over and over and just tweak them to suit the character.

It’s still pretty common, i do it all the time… And i guess having a basemesh sorta counts as that.

Yep I do the same. I keep a growing library of base meshes. Its much faster to modify one of those than sculpt a new one. However, If you want to learn, you get better topology practice by making it each time. I’m not the greatest at topology and would probably be better if I didn’t use base meshes so much but they speed the process up a lot

As for inspiration, just keep an eye out through your day for something that interests you. A store, house with nice architecture, animal, bird, flower, etc. Usually I find at least one thing a day that I would like to eventually model. Its not fun to model something you don’t find interest in

How about making it rain into a lake? Is that a particularly hard thing to do in Blender?

no not very give it a go! Go ahead and try it and post results here!, in all actuality it shouldnt take that long even ;D

Make a non-representational (i.e. post modern art) animation to a short instrumental piece of music.

go to google and look up concept art…then try to create one in not many of those images!!!