Seeking Las Vegas local for full time 3D Architectural Visualization and Prepress

Hello Blenderartists,

We are Expo Services and Products, based in Las Vegas, and we have built custom booths for conventions since 1996. For the past year we have used Blender as our primary 3D software and EEVEE as the renderer.

We are looking for experience assembling scenes with Blender, Illustrator, Photoshop, and occasionally 3Ds Max. Experience in Autocad would be a plus. Past experience in prepress and large for print would also be a huge bonus.

The position is primarily working with our architect to produce architectural renderings of various booth designs; creating graphic size documentation to deliver to the client; reviewing received booth graphics for print quality and size; and producing diagrams for lighting and electrical installation. Paid D.O.E

Anyone interested in the position please send an email to [email protected]

We hope to be hearing from you.


My name is Tom Harvey.
Im interested in this role. My background is in interior design rendering and currently work for Original style in Exeter (UK)
You can view my portfolio here
I am used to working very precisely and usually work to millimetres. I would be able to work to any scale though.

I also used to work freelance as graphic design and operations for clients such as Tangent90 and Cisco.

I would be very interested especially if I am able to work remotely.

Tom Harvey

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