Seeking Lead 3D Environment Artist

Hi, my name is Sagan Tucker. I’m 24, and I’m an enthusiast game developer. I’m here looking for someone to take the role of Lead Environment Artist on my current project.

The game is a 3D Action Adventure set in a fantasy realm called Teleria. We’re currently making a small demo game in Unity as a precursor to the series. It will be a game in itself, but it will be very small and highly polished. It will consist of a single, detailed level, in which you can play a scripted story mode, or a wave defense mode. Should our demo prove successful once released, we will eventually take it to Kickstarter and try to get funding for a full game, spanning multiple levels and implementing more features. We may take a break to work on other games to gain more experience as a studio before starting the full game.

You can watch a video of the game on Youtube, and visit our (rarely updated) website for more info.

I’m looking for someone to take up the mantle of Lead Environment Artist. You will be responsible for bringing the environments of the game to life. You should have extensive knowledge of environment modeling for games, including skills like:

  • Creating optimized, modular architecture
  • Texturing with the latest PBR workflow

I like for all our members to be very involved in the design process, so I would encourage you to bring your own ideas and suggestions to the table! You should also have very good communication skills, and be comfortable managing a small team of Environment Artists.

Compensation will be discussed with the whole team. I’m currently leaning towards royalties based on contribution.

Our team is small and concise. I am currently doing much of the concept art, modeling and programming. We have one junior environment artist, one animator, a writer, and a musician. I’m currently interviewing concept artists and programmers to find someone to take over those aspects, and when you take over the environment art, I will focus on character modeling. I hope for this to be the start of a great studio where we can let our creativity flourish and bring some awesome games to life!

If you’re interested in the position you can contact me at [email protected]

Thank you!