Seeking long-term artist for photorealistic renderings

Hi everyone! I run an art ecommerce store specializing in photo prints, canvases, and other framed art. I’m looking for someone who can model and realistically render my art into different scenes.

Some example scenes may be:

  • Canvas hanging in a living room
  • Canvas leaning against an object (wall, car, couch, etc)
  • Basically just canvases posed in different scenes

The scene does not have to be completely modeled. Some may need to be, some may not. For example I have a large library of stock images that I would like for someone to be able to place my canvases into realistically. Hanging on walls, leaning, etc.

The final images will need to be photorealistic and look very real to the customer. There’s probably a lot of you out there that already have a portfolio of rooms modeled that could be instantly used for this project!

The position will be paid and ongoing, as I am releasing new designs constantly that need scenes created for them. We can work directly or through a site like Upwork. Please respond with your portfolio and PM me if you would like further info!

PM sent, thanks.


I have sent you a PM please take a look.

Sent you a PM!
Thank you.

I sent you a pm.

I sent you my PM.

Hi there,

Did you get the portfolios, contact me if you have any inquiry.