Seeking lost picture!

Hi all!

I have just realized that an archive of pictures did not make it through my last laptop reboot, and I would in particular like to find one of them again. I have been looking through the myriad of CG galleries online, but am still having trouble finding it.

I know it might be a shot in the dark, but if this description seems to be one you have seen before, please let me know; better twenty people guess wrong than one having the right one and not saying anything :wink:

It is a closeup of a caucasian male face. It is HIGHLY photorealistic. He looks a bit like Tom Cruise, in fact. He is completely bald and without beard, but does, if I remember correctly, have eyebrows. The room behind him is very bright and a bit lab-like, and the scene in general is strongly lit, making it resemble a “hospital atmosphere” a little. There are no other people in the picture, and there is a door behind him to the left (I think it is partly open). The figure is looking towards the ‘camera’, but not into it; his eyes are pointed at something that might be behind and to the right of the cameraman. I do not think you can see anything other than the head of the character, but it is extremely well made. I do not know what programs were used to make it.

If you have an idea, or have further questions about the picture, please feel free to reply. I believe the picture was originally found in a gallery, but I remember that I also found it on the website of the studio that made it. That website also had a few (and equally high-quality modelled and rendered) futuristic cars, but in general had a limited number of pictures on the site compared to many other studios. They may, of course, have altered their website in the meantime.