Seeking measurement help

Perceive the title as you may, this thread is about Blender :wink:

I can’t grasp how to get exact measurements in Blender, I’ve turned on metric/imperial and still can’t understand it.

What I want is to size this model to 8 L x 2 W x 1 D cm

The width applying to shoulder to shoulder, depth for front to back.

Can anyone help me achieve this please? Tutorials or if you could do it for me, either is fine! Obviously tutorial preferred though so I know for next time I need to do this :smiley:

Many thanks in advance!


goblinminiprint.blend (730 KB)

There is a little control under n key dimensions
Scale is scaled from the original objects size you are at .02763
control A to apply scale.
also regulate your normals ( off topic)

Sorry for this, but what does regulating my normals mean?

Also how do I work the scale? I’ve tried messing with it before, and messed up my model, as shown by my thread last night

To get face normals consistent and facing out as it’s needed for your model, select part of it, switch edit mode, select all (any all) and Ctrl-N or Normals: Recalculate on T-panel.
There is nothing (almost) wrong with your model as you posted it - just select each part in object mode and Ctrl-A - apply Scale.
Head Mirror needs to be applied first though. Hope that’s not a big concern here.
Errors: some doubles here and there; body had this normal issue; pin (is it a pin?) has too much of geometry in it.
Also, Subdivision lvl 6 for render makes it last forever - visible differnce is neglible.
Body issues are clearly seen if you click Smooth on T-panel. Even if you do not need it, it’s a good way to check mesh.

If you want model to be exactly sized best would be temporarily join all parts into one mesh and then in object mode scale, apply scale. Then select parts in edit mode by material or by loose parts using mouse cursor over some mesh part and hit L, then P separate.

Cheers for the answers, eppo, the .blend you attached, from opening it I’m assuming you applied all these points you posted for me, so thanks alot man, really appreciate it :slight_smile:

One thing though, the actual stick on the stylus in that file is too thin, I would like it larger on the x and y axes, how would I make that bigger without affecting the overall scale? Would I type in the measurements manually in the scale section in object mode?

I remember from my last thread someone said something along the lines of scale in edit mode doesn’t affect the actual size of the model or something along those lines, so I’m slightly confused :slight_smile:

Also another thing (I’m even annoying myself right now!) could you explain normals to me please? I have no diea what they are, I’m assuming it’s the parts of teh texture you can see coming out of the mesh faces.

As for a pin on his body, no idea what you’re referring to haha, unless you mean the spikes on his shoulder plates :slight_smile:

From the bottom up: That sharpened cylinder under the platform i was referring as a pin. Whatever the idea there is ;).
Normals: perpendicular to faces(verts) imaginary lines - vectors, representing “outside direction” of the face(vert). Can be switched on in edit mode on N-panel for faces and vertces, lenght can be adjusted to better see depending on mesh.
Object has dimensions; let’s put it so. Any measure can be seen scaled; to get a real deal it needs to be 1:1 - can be done by “applying” scale numbers to object Ctrl-A - scale. While in edit mode, scale does not change - dimensions can be changed instead. Object’s scale could be 1:100 or 100:1 but one side is e.g. extruded 2 units (inches, meters etc.).
Argh… now i guess i understood what this thing is…stylus, yes?
So yo want tip to be not so sharp? Take default UVsphere, drop values for Segments, Rings to 8,8 , cut off top part. Select edge ring and extrude up. Size, scale :wink: to fit. If sphere is not exactly what you want, select bottom vertice on it and using Proportional edit pull it Z down (scroll mouse wheel to adjust what comes proportionally with). And, well, sphere with that one pole vertice is not the best in blender’s world, but let’s hope it works this time.

Cheers for all your help eppo, after reading everything you told me and fiddling for hours last night shapeways was still not acepting the model :frowning:

So I emailed them and attached the model, they emailed me back today with this screen grab and said they’ve highlighted the issues…

From looking at the screen grab I still have no idea why it won’t take my model, blender and accutrans3D are showing no manifolds, the model is watertight and to scale :S

I’ve attached the new .blend file to the end of the post :slight_smile:


goblinminiprinttiny1.blend (753 KB)

This last image suspiciously reminds Meshlab screenie. Might be something based on this. If you download and install it (it’s free), export mesh parts as .obj files from blender, you can import them into Meshlab. There are a lot of poles where several triangular faces join - i suspect such poles account as Holes for their soft - that was on some tutorial i recently saw.

They most certainly use same export functions and get the result you’ll see. Not quite sure how to ‘repair’ this though.

Yeah it is Meshlab, I have no idea what they’re highlighting as wrong though, I don’t really understand how they’re seeing triangles on the model.

The most confusing part about all of this is that I already have this model uploaded on shapeways, only it’s too big for a stylus, I simply posted it’s .blend here, where you resized it for me, and now they’re saying there’s all these problems o.O

If you don’t know how to repair it I have no hope then haha