Seeking model + photorealist render of a hydroponic system

EDIT: thanks for the responses - really appreciate it. I am going through the messages, but I think for now this thread is solved. Will re-open if nothing works out.

Hey all - I am an engineer working on a startup project. I am looking for $paid help with creating a photorealistic render of a concept that I want to use for a presentation. I used to work with Blender a lot about 13-14 years ago and I know what it’s capable of in the right hands.

Details -
This is a new account, so I can’t post links. Go to Amazon and search for this: B002R5ASVW (it’s called a “Cold Frame”)

I need something like that, with some modifications. In addition, I need some additions inside the frame, and finally, some plants (can be simple - lettuce) shown to be growing inside. So in total:

  1. Box frame
  2. Some basic equipment inside the frame (some lighting and pipes - I’ll add those details when we talk further)
  3. Some plants growing inside the frame

Please PM me if you’re interested in this, with some ballpark estimate of your costs - I am just starting on this project and my budget for this first piece is limited, so please be reasonable. The next step would be to set up a Skype call to talk and come to an agreement.