Seeking modelers and level designers for a game different from the usuals

Greetings Indie DB users,
We from Virtual dreams would like to present you with the opportunity of working on a project and thus upgrading your resume/ portfolio. We believe the most important aspect in an artist’s impression is his portfolio. Our current project is a narrative-driven psychological horror game that will take place in a mansion and will focus on environmental storytelling. The title will be “Photographic Memory” and the engine planned is Unity Engine.
Our focus now is to develop a short demo. If it receives positive feedback, we will continue to develop the rest of the game, which will be split into two installments (episode 1 and episode 2). Our lead developer expects to develop the demo in approximately a month. The script for the demo is only five pages long and you can check it out here:
Here is a summary of the plot: “Mr. Hawksworth’s son, Julian, was passionate about photography and developed the habit of taking at least one photo every day, documenting his daily routine. One day, however, he fell in a river and drowned. After minutes without oxygen, his memories were lost. In a desperate attempt of recovering his memories, the doctors sent him home and showed him his old pictures. They were unaware of the dark secrets that would be revealed by such action. Julian goes missing and Mr. Hawksworth must return home and explore his mansion, in order to unveil the truth over the fate of his son.”
Our team currently consists of several highly talented individuals; ranging from a pair of modelers, voice actors, music/sfx engineer, concept artist and a programmer. A good amount of progress has been made and we assume that with your support we will be able to achieve the rest in no time.
We are looking for people to fill the following roles:

  1. Modeler
  2. Level Designer
  3. Terrain Artist
    If you feel interested in the project, please contact me at [email protected]
    I would love to answer any of your questions or queries.
    Eagerly looking to talk to you. Thanks for you prestigious time. Have a nice day.
    To ApplySend me a brief message on [email protected]