Seeking Modelers/Riggers

My entire life i have spent creating a sort of fictional universe about “The Warriors” and as i am getting older i wanna start bringing it into the world, I have been using blender for a long time but still know very little.

In talk of characters
I need people who can help me create some of them in blender, i know how to model but model sheet making i am unable to do. You would not be working from next to nothing as i have some drawings of some of the characters that you could work off of but i cant do it alone.

I need help creating model sheets so i can model some of them and maybe in the future rigging them. If you wish to help me with this respond to this or a email i will probably respond quicker. [email protected]

Wish to see the images of the characters i have:

I still have to add the rest but those are the ones that are more than just sketches

If you wanna learn more about The Warriors See my archive:!archive/c1lds