Seeking modeller for edit job on game asset

Hello, private individual looking to commission someone to modify some character clothing from a game. Can’t model for nuts in Blender myself so I figure I would get someone else to do it, willing to pay reasonable compensation and will discuss quote with interested parties,. Please note that the request is a little bit NSFW and will require you to install an add-on to work with the model type.

The basic outline of the request is that I would like someone to take this model:

and make it more akin to something like this:

that will function within the game. I only need the model with weights, any game specific set-up I can do on my own. There may be additional opportunities of this nature in future. I apologies if this post breaks any rules given the nature of the request.


hello i send you a message please check it out!

Hello @Spectre77

I would like to assist you, as an experience in this.
PM sent, do check

Very Best Regards

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i would like to work with you you.

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Hey I’d love to work job

@Spectre77 I can do that for you if you want


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