Seeking Music Video

So I want to post my new track to my YouTuber account, but want some actual video to go there.
Alternately, I could just screen-cap WinAmp’s visualization, but I’d like something more targetted.
I very well COULD do this myself, as a user of Blender for almost 20 yrs and a user of 3D graphics for almost 20 years>
However, I’d prefer to focus on making music rather than making videos for my music. Largely I gave up CGI like 8 yrs ago. I still dabble in it and keep up to date on the tech, but as of this point a FULL music video of this song is a bit beyond my willingness to spend the Blender hours doing it
If you like this song and “get” it, let me know please … [email protected]
I almost never put tracks up on my YouTuber account, cuz I don’t feel I have the video to go with it – aside from a lame static image
So if we click, perhaps you could also make some other shit for me. If it clicks, it clicks for both of us at that point, eh? :wink:

and if you know about publisizing music, I’d love to hear tips. I suck at that.

What kind of video were you looking for? Like a lyric video or something more?
Also, do you have like a sample? I understand you don’t want to post the entire track on the forum, but a sample would be nice to give people an idea of the tempo, style, etc.

Never mind, it’s taken care of. A friend of mine is on it. :smiley:

also LOL I forgot to post the link to the song. I have a bad habit of forgetting that.
it’s a techno/electro thing, called Holographic Pituitary Jetsuit. … if still interested in hearing it

Ha, we’re like opposites. I gave up music for GGI.