Seeking on-going Blender tutor to teach me modeling/animating for games (SOLVED)

I have been tinkering with 3D for quite a few years and decided to get into blender. I want to learn modeling/UV/texture/rig/animate etc, for game ready monsters/creatures. I am looking to do stuff low poly, not realistic, here is a good example of some assets i would say is about what i am looking to do:

I own Zbrush, and Substance painter (older version 2019.2.0)
But i would really like to keep the work flow all inside blender for basic sculpting and general painting of textures, but am open to using substance if i can’t get the texture i need out of blender.

What i would like would be someone that can work directly via screen share/voice chat once a week, and setup a staged curriculum of assignments I can work on each week, improving my skills… moving over time from modeling to texturing, rigging, animating etc also be available for questions if i get stuck or lost along the way.

You must be able to speak perfect English, no foreign accents (UK/Australian accents are fine), and you must be able to accommodate my time zone (USA, EST) for both sessions and reasonable response time to emails/questions etc.

This would be a long term relationship, as I assume it would take several months to progress some blender noob to a point where I learn all the foundational concepts and can stand on my own for content creation. Terms/payment would be discussed, so see if we can find something that works for both parties.

If you are interested please let me know, i am anxious to get started.

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Message Sent, please check!.

HI, I am not interested in this job. But i wandered if you could kindly except other community members that can speak English fluently?

thank you all for the posts/messages
i have received several and will begin evaluating.

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