Seeking partner for 2 man dream team

I am a programmer, and I can code up anything. If I haven’t done it yet, I can learn to do it quickly. I do desktop programming, embedded programming, mobile programming, and server-side programming. I am gifted in the areas of logic, problem-solving, complex math, and physics. My employer pays me a premium salary (for my age) for the work I do.

All that being said, while my job is very satisfying, it is not often fun. I have picked up a hobby of game programming to fill that need. My main problem now is that I am extremely lacking in artistic ability. Sure, I can code up anything, but w/o good art it will look like crap - and therefore not be any fun to make or play.

Now I come to the purpose of my post: I need a partner to fill everything that I cannot do. Ideally I would like to find a person that can do everything in both the 2D and 3D pipelines. I’m not looking for an expert in everything, just someone that can handle everything that I can’t do. I’m not even looking for someone with the best quality art, just good enough to make a decent looking game.

I want just a single partner because I am tired of trying to find so many people, and then have to depend on all of them sticking with it. I want a single person that I can depend on - that way everything stays simple.

I should mention that this is only a part-time thing for me. I have a full-time job, a family, and a house. I probably average about 5-8 hours a week on this hobby. Consequently, I need someone that can average about the same amount of time or more, working on w/e we decide to work on.

I know that this is asking a lot, and I likely won’t find what I’m looking for in a single person, but I figured it was worth a shot.

I have already released a game that I was paid to make: This game took me less than a month, working part-time.

I have a game going, that is logic and python based, that should be interesting and eventually lucrative, I have a lot of the systems made, but they can be optimized as I am more artist the coder, but I do try :slight_smile:

I have on my team - 1 badAzz animator
I have 2 maybe joining python people, one established, one rising the ranks
I have everything from story to level to concepts to… well everything to make a great game

I was thinking free and open source, as long as our google ads run during the loading screens/splash screens unless you paypal us :slight_smile:
want to hear more ?

Do you have a link or something, where I can see assets and info on the game?

Aww, man i wish i could help but yeah I’m no where near what you are looking for. I don’t know how fun it’d be to make, but I always thought there should’ve been more games like azure dreams from the ps1 era.

That kind of game is not really my thing. Ideally I would like to make a mobile multiplayer game.

I have sent you a Private message. :slight_smile:


Just read your post, I am sort of in same situation as you are, I have a good paying job and I work part time on my hobby i.e. game development for web/desktop/mobile. I also do 2d and 3d stuff out of my free time apart from traditional drawing ( water color/charcoal etc). I have released 3 applications on Google Play ( coding/ui all done by me , 1 of them is a game–>

I worked on several web based game links here -->, again all coding and UI elements ( including website ) done by me.

Some 2d and 3d work links -->

Detailed programming site -->

I give about 6-8 hrs per week on my hobby , I have worked independently on all of above stuff at my leisure so teaming up would be an interesting experience. I would love to work on a good idea . I am currently working on a 3d Android Game which is a spin off of one of the game I developed above. Let me know if you would like to discuss more.