Seeking project assistance

Hey Guys,
I humbly seek assistance from blenders to help bring my story to life. It’s called Dew of Senira, and I’ve been working on this thing for a very long time, but only on paper. I’ve only started working with Blender.
Here’s a cheezy trailer I did.

In a nutshell, a kid name Vince was unwillingly and unknowingly infected by a parasite that was ‘deployed’ to planet Earth. So now, Vince and his affiliates go through life, going through different trials brought forth by the parasite.
I’m looking to make this an animated series, so I’m in this for the long haul.
I’d love some help to accelerate the process. Help in the area of modeling, rigging, animations, I’m currently building the scenes.
Unfortunately, I have no money to give you. If this actually pulls through the mud, and we make a profit from this, you will be reimbursed. But I’m not really making this for the money, I just want to get my adventure out there…

Here are more pictures of the progress I’ve made: