Seeking skilled 3d game artist for digital arts workshop

We are a groundbreaking new online Digital arts workshop for young creativity where we help to create tomorrow’s geniuses
In search of a 3D Game Artist specialist to join our workshop
as a Trainer for the spring / summer sessions

The Animindz Workshop specialize in offering various digital arts subjects that spark creativity, innovation and prepares students for the future.
The Trainer will develop creative digital art content designed to expose students
to digital tools in media arts, also help students gain hands on experience through project- based learning.

We are seeking talented artist / animators in game art to join an online workshop
for kids. The artist should have a passion for creating video games and must be
proficient in using The 3d animation software Blender. The artist should be able to demonstrate techniques in creating a character and game objects, game planning, character movement, collision detection and level design. Have a solid understanding of unreal engines

We prefer someone with Training experience but is not required
Candidate must have the following tools for this position

  1. pc or laptop
  2. internet access
  3. must be proficient in using video capturing software
  4. must be proficient in using Blender

We are also interviewing for 3D Modeling and 3D Animation Trainers as well

Take advantage of a rewarding compensation opportunity,
we are currently interviewing for our courses and will discuss
compensation with the right candidates.

If you are interested in this opportunity please submit a copy of your resume
and online portfolio or demo reel for review

Our model is to create tomorrow’s geniuses in the world of Digital

So is this a tutor job?
Are you guys hiring people to show people how to do digital arts?

Yeah I would like to know also…is this a tutor job? where can I send my CV and Demoreel?