Seeking someone to build me a spaceship animation

Looking for someone to assist me in making a rocket animation. This is what I would like.

Spaceship takes off from Earth with a human man attached to it somehow - either strapped onto the outside or hanging on to a wing by one hand. It flies up into the black atmosphere and you can see stars around, maybe the moon in the background. And then it explodes. It can be made funny - like the humans face can be looking crazy worried or whatever. I have a will-e coyote from warner brothers cartoon in mind… but it can be made 3d if it is easier. animation can go from 10 to 30 seconds. I want to be able to have it in a film type format so that I can add it into Final Cut Pro and put it into a film that I am making. can anyone help me do this? If you can do a good job then I will donate some money to you for your efforts! Just send me an estimate of how much you would like with your application. please email me at [email protected] thank you.

Moved from “Paid Work” to “Volunteer Work”

A “donation” after the work is complete doesn’t really qualify as paying work.

So is this really a paid work or you are touching the ground?