Seeking someone to create this for me>

(Yeremyah) #1


Can I please get a quote to create text similar to the following photo with textured text sitting on a nice background.

Wanting someone to create a basic easy to follow video tutorial using 2.80 showing how I can do this? How can I get nice texture on the front of Text using 2.8?

Will pay in Bitcoin.

Thank you:)


(Blender Foundation CERTIFIED TRAINER) #2

Hi. I sent you a pm. Let me know if you’re interested. Best regards.

(mafster) #3

Hi there, sent through a pm with quote and portfolio of work. Cheers!

(Cjradical) #4

Hello, I’m sending you a message with a link to my gallery. I could do this for you.

(Yeremyah) #5

I still have not had any help with this?

Anyone willing to create a basic easy to follow video tutorial to show me how to create nice text in Blender 2.8?

How to apply shader/texture to the text and recommend what shader package I need to create nice text like this?

Will pay Bitcoin.


(icyou520) #6

It looks like you got a few replies. So what’s the problem?


I can help, but bitcoin is no-go for me. PayPal only.
40-60 minute tutorial with every step described.

(Yeremyah) #8

I’ve not had a single person agree to create a video tutorial for me, accepting Bitcoin as payment.

So I am hoping still to find someone :slight_smile:

(Yeremyah) #9

I dont have Paypal account, are you able to generate an invoice from your Paypal and I pay the invoice using my Credit card?

(bobr.animation) #10

hello , I can make a video tutorial for you and we can discuss a pyment in Bitcoin , there is no problem for me, you can contact me in pm. Also , we can have some live chat where I can share my screen , to give you some live tutorial where you can ask whatever you need

(Yeremyah) #11

Did you get my PM bobr.animation?