Seeking Step-by-step Assistance

I’m new to Blender and have just gotten about 100 pages into the ‘Idiot’s Guide to…’ book.

I’m mostly just learning it for a total hobby, and so I can afford to take my time. However, I’m now trying to create a graphic on a (self-imposed) deadline, and so I was hoping that somebody could perhaps talk me through the work that needs to be done?

I’m writing a biography about filmmaker James Cameron (just self-published) and I’ve been making a host of graphics for the book. For the most part, and my ultra-rudimentary 3D abilities have sufficed, but now I’m seeking to create a graphic that definitively requires 3D skill set.

In a nutshell, it’s this: For the effect of the floating water tentacle in THE ABYSS, the effects crew photographed all six walls of the room(s) where it resided. They then took those photographs and made them into a cube within the computer - the photographs being the inside of the cube. Then, when they plugged in the reflective CG pseudopod, it reflected the cube.

So then, I’m just looking to show (all black-and-white pictures for the book, no animation necessary)

  1. A reflective object (maybe an iPhone/PDA or a glass pitcher, something basic)
  2. All six walls (2D) of a room.
  3. The six walls folded into a cube
  4. The reflective object now showing reflections of the walls

I would be hugely grateful if somebody could communicate with me via Skype, talking me through step-by-step. I’m guessing that it would be relatively quick. If somebody can do this, please let me know whatever time work for you - either via PM or e-mail.

Otherwise, suggestions and pointers here in this thread are also greatly appreciated.
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