Seeking Teammates for large scale indie game project House of Demons [Royalty]

Hello everyone, we are working on a large scale game called House of Demons. In the game you have to survive in a massive mansion filled with demons. The game is open world sandbox and you can craft different gadgets to use against the demons and to survive. I must stress that this is an ambitious project, however it is one that WILL be finished no matter what.


The game will have a very serious and dark atmosphere to it.


You and your girlfriend go to visit your father and your other relatives who live in a massive mansion in a semi-remote area of the Alaskan coastline. You discover that no one is home and you enter inside only to be chased by the slasher into a room. You are trapped inside the mansion and must survive and find out what happened to your family.


In the game you will be able to craft items and you will need to eat and sleep to stay alive. You will be able to barricade yourself in any room you choose in the mansion, each room has its own perks such as item storage, amenities etc.


The demons are the only enemies in the game(Besides the bosses and Satan) Some of them can be viewed in the concept art below. The demons we plan to have are(These are working names, and not actual names of the demons):

  1. Slasher - 7 ft of terror, this demon is smart, quick and extremely deadly.
  2. Brute - This demon uses its bulky size to intimidate, it can be devastating to players bases.
  3. Troll - This small demon can crawl in vents and hide easily in small spaces.
  4. Thin Man - This demon has a habit of hiding behind objects and grabbing the player.
  5. The Watcher - This demon has huge piercing yellow eyes that never blink, it is quite a frightening sight to see in the dark, and even more frightening to see in the light.


The game will have RPG, Survival, Puzzle and crafting elements in it, with an emphasis on survival RPG. You will be able to craft weapons and gadgets from things you find around the mansion.

The project has been in planning for around 2.4 years now, we have a solid idea on where we want to go with the game, we have made drastic improvements to the ideas and things we want to implement, also the release of UE4 and having the source code will make the game much better than we ever planned.


Chay Hawk(Me) - Enviornmental Artist, Lead Project Manager, Level Designer
Kim Van Deun - Demon Concept Art, Assorted art
Dujon Allen - Character Modeller
Cormac Donelly - Sound Engineer
George Shevchenko - Construction assets, Weapons, Character Retopoing
Duane Wandless - General Programming
Chris Szkoda - Rigger/Animator
David Bull - General Programming
Katie Wickens - World Assets


Available position(s)

1/1 Filled Concept Artist who can draw architecture.

1/1 Filled Concept Artist who can draw Demons.

1/1 Filled Character Modeler - We have a placeholder model that came with UE4 however this will only suffice for a little while and is fine for now but if we can have someone model the characters in the concept art then that would be even better.

0/2 Open Texture Artist - We need someone to create good quality textures for all of our models, this includes textures for weapons, characters, world assets, etc.

1/1 Filled Animator - We need someone who can do very good animation work.

1/1 Filled Rigger - We need someone who can rig characters work.

1/1 Filled Asset Modeler - We need someone to model assets for the mansion, Lamps, couches, beds, tables, chairs etc etc, basically anything we need that you would see in an environment that isn’t biological.

1/1 Filled Sound Engineer - We need talented people to create all the sounds for HOD, this includes demon sounds, weapons, objects, environment etc.

1/1 Filled Construction Asset Modeler - Asset modeler and construction asset modeler can be one in the same but as a construction asset modeler you will need to create assets like walls, stairs, railings, roof pieces, ceiling pieces, doors, door frames etc etc and you must make them in a way that they all fit together nicely. Also they must be made to scale for UE4 as UE4’s scale is a bit different from UDK.

4/4 Open C++ Programmer - You must have a very good to advanced knowledge of C++ and Blueprint(Blueprint is optional), an Unreal Engine 4 subscription and the ability to communicate with other programmers and work together.

These programming positions are open:

1/1 Filled Networking Programmer - We need someone to help us program the multiplayer aspects of HOD
2/2 Filled General Programming - This covers a wide variety of things like movement, mechanics etc.
1/1 Open AI Programmer - We need someone with a very good knowledge of AI programming.

1/1 NOT OPEN YET UI Designer/Programmer - We need someone who can design good looking User Interfaces for House of Demons.

0/1 NOT OPEN YET Particle Effects Designer - We need someone to design particle effects for weapons, demons and anything else.

NOTE: You are responsible to legally acquire your own software for work.


If your interested please contact me at: [email protected]
or send me a PM.


Here is a 3D preview of the construction assets we will be suing for the game.
This is just the low poly exterior.


Here is some concept art we have so far:

Demon One

Slasher Demon

Winged Boss

Thin Man and Troll

The Watcher

Post Update - I forgot to add that we are using Unreal Engine 4 for this project.

Still seeking Character Modelers!

Still seeking character modellers.

Still need character modellers.

I’m busy with a project of my own so I’m afraid I can’t help. But your concept art looks amazing and I really like the idea. Should be a really neat project! Good luck!

I myself a newbie so cant help You :frowning: really don’t want to waste your time But your project looks cool and if i happen to model a character related to your project i surely want to show it you

Hi Will, Thank you very much :slight_smile: I will have new concepts by the end of this week if not sooner.

Hey Saad, we would love to see anything you have to show :slight_smile:

Still need character modeler

You won’t get highly skilled modellers to work for free. If you set up a LLC ( limited liability company) you could possibly set it up that the potential helpers could get a percentage of ownership of the company. 5 -10% maybe. Just a thought.

Hi, I am not asking for AAA quality, but if someone could at least make models of this gen or maybe a little less quality that would be fine, besides, gameplay is more important than graphics but i would like it to look good as well.

Hi there,
I just wanted to drop this blend file, it is skecth of one of your concept art. I scupted it, because i like your concept arts and i had some free time to sculpt. So this is just rough sculpt, from here you can retopo. I believe that in stead of waiting for some modelers you can learn modeling, i believe if you can paint you can modele as well.
Hope you like it :wink:monster.blend (1.92 MB)

Hi, Thanks for the sculpture. I have tried to learn modeling for a few years and it’s just not something i can do, I absolutely hate it and I don’t have the patients for it, level design on the other hand is something i can do for hours and hours at a time and not get bored. also I didn’t paint the concept art that was done by someone else on our team.

nice concepts… good luck!

Hi m_squared, thank you very much :slight_smile:

This project looks awesome! Too bad theres no spaces for me to help. Good luck.

First highpoly model of the slasher.

Lowpoly model of the slasher with normal map. I would really like to see him textured!


Lowpoly model of the slasher with normal map. I would really like to see him textured!