Seeking Texture Artist/Mapper

The Freehauler project requires a texture artists/mapper to work with our remote development team.

The work will entail:

  • creating and modifying textures to a defined geometry
  • applying textures to 3D models using a UV editor
  • working in a collaborative team of developers
  • Involvement in establishing and maintaining a 3D modelling pipeline

The following are required:

  • Experience in an image editor that supports layers such as Photoshop or The Gimp
  • Excellent communication skills
  • A willingness to learn and adapt your skills to the processes employed by the team

The following are preferred, but not necessarily required:

  • Experience in UV texture mapping and unwrapping
  • An understanding of current game technologies
  • Game development experience
  • A keen interested in space and computer games, especially games in the space sim genre
  • A willingness to learn and adapt your skills to the processes employed by the team

Freehauler is a commercial indie development project. Credit will be given for all work effort and monetary payment awarded based on the value each individual has added to the projec, once a net profit from sales of the final product has been achieved.

Both positions will initially be on an as-needed basis and we are fully flexible in regards to scheduling work around other commitments.

If you are interested please email: [email protected] with the subject heading “Texture artist/mapper application”

Freehauler is an open-ended space trader sim following in the footsteps of great games in the genre like Elite and Privateer 2.

Unlike typical space sims, Freehauler will incorporate increased realism and the unique setting of the interplanetary era Orion’s Arm game world ( promises to set the game apart from other games on the market.

In a rich and diverse open-ended setting the player must choose their path wisely and balance their allegiances to a multitude of factions for survival and profit in a cut-throat solar system.

Random missions and events will assure Freehauler is highly replayable and a unique experience not to be missed by avid gamers.

Learn more about Freehauler at