Seeking texture help and artistic advice.

Hey, I need some help texturing these walls :

Nothing fancy, just enough to make it a bit pleasant to the eye. I tried myself with texture maps from the net but I was not happy with the result. Anyone willing to spend some time on it?

It is going to be used in the Blender Game Engine so unless you are willing to texture and bake from cycles to BGE, use BGE (render) from the get go. My uv-unwrap is very basic, might need changing.

I am interested in old age interior walls(not modern) and wooden floor, texture-wise.

As to the artistic advice I need, since the player will only move to the 2 big rooms (entrance and left), what furniture should I use to make it less-empty? The building is supposed to be an old manor (1st floor) and I intend to place some paintings on the walls and some exhibits.

Since it is a project for my university, any help you provide will be credited in the paper.



Hello my brother have you find the help you want?