Seeking tips for improvements

Howdy everyone!
I am currently studying Computer Graphics at my University. The issue is that I am really into Archviz, but my uni doesn’t teach it and I don’t really know where to find feedback from people in that industry

So I ask you to help me improve my renders! (If you see that something is wrong or look weird, it’d be cool if you provide a tip on that :slight_smile: )


I can tell you put some effort into these interiors, but one thing I’d say about the first building is that the lights are on in the second image. Maybe you would want them on in the first one, but in the second one it’s daytime, and it’s odd that the lights are on. Also, the third image looks very monotone because the inside is basically just one color. The wall is a light muted orange, the window frames and the doors are a darker shade of muted orange, the dresser on the left is light brown. You could improve this by making the front door a darker shade of brown and maybe the inside doors white or something, and maybe change the color of the door frames or the wall so they are different. That might bring out a bit more contrast in the details. Not much to say about the last 2 though. Well done.

Edit: I actually edited the 3rd image to make it look a bit less bland.
Just an example. The windows are desaturated but that’s just because I selected them along with the wooden frames. But just changing the color of the doors alone would improve this. If you’re using textures for the color, then you can’t directly edit the color because the image is taking over it, so you have to press Shift-A > Color > Hue Saturation and drop that between it, then you can tweak that.

Totally agree with the remark about the light at 1st and 2nd pics, I was pretty much trying to understand how color management works and how I can use it
The 3rd pic was a recreation of a living room by an actual photo, but I do agree, that I could’ve corrected some colors in order for it to look better
Thank you for the effort and your opinion on this one, appreciate it bro