Seeking VFX Artists for Feature Film in Hawaii

Aloha Blender Community! My name is Elliot Lucas and I am an educator at the Kauai Film Academy, a Non-Profit Education program for kids in Hawaii who seek to learn about filmmaking! We are currently wrapping up a feature length film that was shot entirely on the island of Kauai in Hawaii and are now working on Post-Production. We are currently seeking VFX experts to help with Keying, Tracking, Roto, Sky Replacements, Object removal (telephone Lines) and a few other things. Being that this entire film was funded by kickstarter and the cast and crew were completely voluntary we have no budget for vfx. We can offer full credit in the film and possible deferred payment. Here are two links that explain who we are and and what we are making. The second link is a sizzle reel of shots from the movie! If you would like to chat about the film and get more details feel free to call or email me at 808-482-1565 MAHALO