Seeking VFX Blender artist for sci-fi explosion / VFX work


I’m looking for someone who is experienced and enjoys creating particle simulations and VFX in Blender, more specifically, explosions. This is for an animated film and long term passion project. I’d like to find someone that I can have onboard long term to do 3D VFX work as needed.

For this first project, I need a unique sci-fi type explosion emitting from a grenade. It would emit a green burst of fire and smoke and sort of linger around like a gas. I will provide you a .blend file with the environment with further details of where the explosion should emit from and how large it should be. You do not need to do any rendering aside from any low quality test renders that you would want to provide during the creation.

Budget for this particular explosion is $50 - $80.

Please share any relevant work samples.

Thank you!

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