Seeking volunteers for short film

We are in pre-production on a short film entitled “Hearts Desire” and we are seeking volunteers willing to create a Blender CG “character” for us in exchange for onscreen credit. The film is a live-action film but requires the development of a CG “monster baby” that is very realistic.

If you are interested and would like further details, please drop us a line at [email protected] with some samples of what you can do and we’ll chat.


Jim Idema, writer, director, producer
Brandella Films, LLC

Flood of derision and mocking over rosy assumptions of free labor and enthusiasm, all for the glory of executing your “creative vision” despite not even putting some proof-of-concept stuff for the project up front, in 5…4…3…2…

I took a serious look at Brandella´s website ( ), in order to “judge” wether this is serious or not (it´s just my opinion, so take what I write here with a grain of salt)

  1. The site is absolutely horrible, it takes ages to load, and has terrible non-antialiased jagged-graphics flash, this is stuff that kids at school throw together after an 2-hour flash course.

  2. The movie trailer for “Respect for the Dead”, has some merit to it, it´s an INTERESTING concept, and I can understand why someone would pick it out as a “selection” for something new and fresh, but that said - the sound is catastrophical, amateur work of the last degree, judge for yourselves:

  3. The trailer for “A daughters hope” was THE most Amateurish work i´ve ever seen (hands down!) it´s mostly text, badly, flawed zooming of some images, and something my former boss (who has nothing to do with graphics) could mix together over a beer for fun, it´s THAT bad (visit the website and judge for yourself).

Why am I hammering you like that?

Because you ASK for peoples free time in return for some movie credit, without a penny to your name. The work already done, is of the worst amateur stuff I´ve seen so far, however - kudos for at least HAVING a web-site about your stuff, most people just wish for something, and expect everyone to do everything by themselves and hand it to others for nothing, at least I´d give you that :wink:

But the point is - finish your OTHER work - before asking for help to complete a NEW project, your stuff on that site isn´t even in pre-production on the level you have presented there.

Best of luck with your project - seems promising!

Nothing wrong with asking.

From my experience as an independent no budget, micro budget, whatever budget they are being called these days filmmaker, highly skilled technical jobs are rarely if ever done on screen credit. I have gotten many many things contributed to my films but when it comes to special effects it always comes down to some hard cash. The reason is unless you want your hopeful friend to do it poorly for free there is little option. Because if you want an effect for a film it has to be done well to look right and that always costs something.

Why? Because it is a highly skilled job. It required the skill of a specialist well trained in the traditional arts and then specifically trained in the area of SPFX. And there is no more highly skilled job than that of a 3D artist.

In fact, on my first film. I actually did sell the SPFX for a screen credit to a desperate start up company. I was extremely lucky. However by the time post production came around, the company folded. I was forced to rewrite and rethink the film. And the irony of ironies is that this is why I am a 3D artist today. The only way to do it was to pick up a copy of a 3D program, learn it from scratch and do the effects myself. At that time (1994) it was either 10 grand for the set up to do it alone or over 100 grand to pay to get it done.

I’d say it would be a good idea to go back and add some special effects to your budget. I would give it a range of about 500-1500 US depending on how much animation you want and how many shots.

The alternative is that it would be a much better sell to a student looking for experience. Try your local universities and art schools.

Or simply don’t write special effects into your films when you are doing it at this level. You have to be realistic.

Not that it can not happen, but it really is a rarity around here. Perhaps reword your request to something along the lines of a student looking for some experience.

I have never seen screen credit impress a craftsmen. Maybe some makeup artists coming out of school. But even they want a per diem for make up costs.

In a town away from Hollywood such as yours people love to jump in and help on a movie. It is fun for them and away from all of the jaded people in LA. But even far away from it all - I have done it - you won’t get craftsmen for free or very very rarely so. I did get a grave stone egraved as a favor once, but that was pretty incredible and I owe it to the charm of my co-producer.

Just my experience. Take it for what it is worth and good luck.

This must be a joke.:smiley: The best thing on that website was the LOADING label. ( Well the message: This movies needs Flash Player 10, was not bad either )…The rest really stinks. What that heck are we going to do with these kids chewing mushrooms at so early ages?:no:

Hey kid, I went to your YOUTUBE channel …you have not even one CG video. Start playing with a cube at least ! Credits? Is that the compensation? That is not going to work mister.:eek:

Guy’s can we please stop the immature behavior.

The guy has posted asking for help, and while it’s offensive in some ways to artists to ask for their time, and labor for a mere screen credit, that doesn’t justify tearing apart some one’s work, regardless of quality.

Constructive criticism is fine, all out jumping-on-the-band-wagon hating isn’t.

Next time report the thread since I believe these get closed when a moderator is notified.

Your request was very polite, but as you can see, artists don’t take kindly to being asked to work for free.