Seemingly Basic Question...?

Hey there!

I am starting a new job that will be in a new office, and I want to be able to take blender with me. Is there a way to transfer blender that I have on my desktop, with all the extra plug-ins that I have installed, transfer it on a drive, and install it directly onto my new computer at work? I apologize if this is a really basic question, I just want to be extra sure. Thanks…

short answer is YES.
I assume the extra plug-ins you are talked is the Add-ons.
You can just copy the whole blender folder into you USB drive. It doesn’t request install, basically just copy to your desktop it could work rightway.

Great! Thank you for your response

The preferences by default are not stored in the unzipped (or installed) APP folder.

They are stored here:
C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender
And then whatever blender version you use.

If 2.79, then you need to copy that 2.79 folder and paste it into the same path on a target system. This will carry over all custom prefs including addons!

You can also force “self contained” localized prefs. Prefs that will be forced into the Blender Exctracted folder.

Refer to this post @stackexchange for more details

If you are new to blender you might not be aware that you don’t have to install blender. You can download ZIP files that you can just unZip anywhere and run. Using the method above, you can also have local preferences, meaning multiple blenders with different preferences.

Buildbots is the place to get latest blender builds that you just unZip:

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Thanks very much for the help. Appreciate it!