Seems like different actions are interfering with each other.

So i made a tadpole mesh for a game im making in unity, I started the armature at the base of the tail and into the center of the head and then i extruded the initial bone joint (at the base of the tail) several times along the tail.
I then created several animations such as “idle” and “swimming” where the tail bones move and the head has no transformations.
I then made a “turn left” and “turn right” animation where the head would rotate left or right, but i didnt include the tail bones in the keyframes.

Now when i use either “turn left” or “turn right” the tail will be curved to the left (the first keyframe of “swimming”). When i export the file as a .fbx to unity and try to merge “turn left” with “idle” the head turns left, as does the tail…how can i make it so blender ignores the tails transformations completely for “turn left”?