Seems to be a bug with makehuman imports

Hi guys
Where do i post bug reports?.
So I imported a MakeHuman figure and then started to make clothes for it by selecting part of the body to duplicate pressing p to seperate assigning a new mat and placing on uv grid etc. Anyway when i get to the third part, in this case a boot, it duplicates but also deletes the selected part from the original mesh and continues to do so for all other duplicated bodyparts thereafter.

To duplicate import a mh figure and duplicate whole body a couple times.

What’s even more annoying is 3 days ago i did the exact same thing with the same mh model and it never had a issue and i made many more clothes than this time. Sigh blender and its quirks:p

Not sure what your problem is, actually…
P = Separate, it splits the corresponding geometry off into a new mesh, thereby of course removing it from the mesh it was a part of before. P is not meant to duplicate anything and to my knowledge never has been.

If you want to duplicate and then separate, you will have to hit Shift-D and then P.

I did duplicate first then separated sorry if I wasn’t clear enough. After the 2nd or 3rd duplicate separate it starts to delete the main mesh geometry that is the problem.I have a workaround in which i then duplicated the duplicate and stitch the first duplicate back onto the main mesh not ideal but hopefully it wil not give me further issues later down the road with this mesh.

It is important how you duplicate the mesh:

Shift+D = full duplicate
Alt+D = Instance, so it effects the original mesh

By any chance - have you Automerge button on?

I use the duplicate in the menu so no idea if its shift or Alt D. My point is that i do the same method duplicate seperate from the start but after the first few duplicates it begins deleting the main mesh which is does not do for the first few so something is not working correct.

And now it is suddenly working properly . I checked 7 times yesterday to be sure i wasn’t the error and it did not work and today it works just like it did 4 days ago. So 4 days ago the same Makehuman model worked then yesterday it did not and now today it once again does well color me buffled another blenderish (O’m coining this phrase to describe blenders quirks. It literally seems to change its own code like its ALIVE and determined to drive me bonkers).

Welcome to the wonderful world of CG Art. Where we are all whack jobs by the end of a project regardless of the program. And, that occasionally includes Blender who can seem to take on a mind of its own. I’ve found a computer restart will help now and then. And, the old stand by: Load Factory Settings. Best of luck in your endeavors attempting to make art with a damn computer. But, hey, there’s no clean up.

Og good so blender is just not out to get me good thiong to know i’m not paranoid. In the past it has added eyes to a model. worked,not worked , then worked again and a whole lot of other strangeness. I believe i am already well on the way to whack job status or i am already there can a insane person recognize sanity?.

Always be nice to Blender then Blender will be nice to you…