Seen one of these?

Hi All,

My first post on this wonderful site.

I’ve been learning Blender for a couple months now and using what I’ve learned on what others have done and wanted to struggle on my own creation.

I was in the garage a couple days ago and found something to model!! It’s some sort of tool I’ve had from my childhood days and don’t know what it is.

Sooo… I tried my hand at it.
It’s 3-1/8" x 1-1/8" x 1/2"

Can you identify it?

Hmm, looks like a puncher for old style bus/train tickets.

But the mirror effets look some ways strange.

Or some kind of pipe fitting extractor

if you want this image to look good you need to fix the chrome. The reflect on the thing is pixly. it almost looks like you put a alpha image for a texture. I highly suggest fixing this.

It looks to me like some type of pipe clamp, maybe brake pipe. The 2 holes at the bottom look like they could grip the rigid copper/nickel pipe and the 2 “D” shaped parts look like they could crimp the flexible part of the pipe while you remove the brake caliper or cylinder, to stop the brake fluid escaping.
Sure looks shiny though

I changed the world image to a much better resolution/size and used a different viewing angle. Wonder if I’ll ever find out what this tool is… anyways, here’s a change and thanks for your input(s).

I agree about maybe a pipe clamp of some sort…

i know what it is :eek:

heh, not really:D