Seg fault in Wireframe view mode

Ubuntu 20.04, NVIDIA RTX 460.39, Blender 2.92.0

Is anyone else experiencing regular seg faults when working in Wireframe viewport mode? I’ve not been able to pin it down to a pattern but within a couple of hours, if working in wireframe mode regularly, it will seg fault.

The last session recovery never works when this happens.



What is a seg fault?

A crash. Blender exits to desktop.

It runs smoothly on my end with very similar setup:
PopOS! 20.10, Nvidia driver 460.67, the same Blender version.

Not sure if in wireframe mode but i have had a lot of crashes with 2.92 as well.

I have noticed that it is often accompanied by a sudden spike in gpu utilization in the windows task manager monitor.
The spike has no apparent reason.

Do you have any of these addons running?

Simple Asset Manager
Scatter Objects

Sketchfab NO
3DPrint YES
Simple Asset Manager YES
Scatter Objects NO

I have 3d print

Ta. I’ll turn the other off, see if it helps.