Sega back to its roots

After Sega Dreamcast since 2006 post-dreamcast times fans are still claiming of Sonic the Hedgehog(2006) was rushed up extremely.In 2014 we have next malfunctioning game called Sonic Boom.I think Sega should make back to roots before Sega Dreamcast to Classic Genesis days.

what is this?

a petition.It’s remake of Sega Genesis/Sega Mega Drive.Firstly it was intended to look like Sega Master System/Sega Game Gear redesign.

But I don’t see why sega would ever make a new console or why you would want that except out of pure nostalgia.

because sonic boom rise of the lyric and sonic '06 was rushed up.It’s different petition
it’s Ben Plato’s petition.
Back in 1988 Sony and Nintendo they were companions(PlayStation prototype and SNES CD).In later 90’s Nintendo 64 Disk Drive was japan only add-on exclusive.After Star Fox Adventure Microsoft bought Rare.Anyways Sonic Lost World on 3DS had many buggs.

dreamcast was amazing, until people started burning games and crashed the market. the graphics were amazing at the time, resident evil code veronica had me trapped in a basment with a few friends for a week.

and we have first sega console with internet including Dreamcast Sonic following Adventure cannon.Speaking of Sega Dreamcast why Sonic Team skipped Sonic Adventure gameplot cannon after Sonic Adventure 2.Was Sonic X Season 3 so extremely dark.Alone in Dark 2 was canceled on Sega 32X when Nintendo have troubles with developing SNES CD they trying to make MOTHER 3 Alpha Versions on SNES,N64 and N64DD intended to became big failure.

Ah yes, Blue Stinger, Jet Grind Radio and Crazy Taxi for Sega Dreamcast were among my favorites.

Code Veronica was great as well.

Space Channel,NiGHTS and Sonic Adventure are interesting titles.

There’s a song about this:

i like this rap song it’s so nostalgic.


SEGA is not dead,yet
Satoru Iwata(1959-2015)
died like George Harrison both of them had tumour

The console market is starting to fade away,

I don’t think sega should return

Not for Sony.Of course they should come back.It’s not III World War no New World Order(it sucks).