Segmentation fault when compositing

I’m experimenting with parallel computing, and so I have installed Blender 2.83 on a couple of Raspberry Pi 4s, strictly in headless mode, for command line and python rendering. It seems to work surprisingly well, for the most part (despite complaining about lack of a graphics card or openGL), but I have run into a problem with a segmentation fault when I am using the compositor. Other things work fine to render various things, and this render proceeds fine until the final alpha over, and then generates a crash report. The full render completes without issues on normal computers. Does anyone have any ideas? Is this related to the openGL error?

The crash report is as follows:

# Blender 2.83.5, Unknown revision

# backtrace
blender(BLI_system_backtrace+0x40) [0xaaaadf9b8c00]
blender(+0xef9c40) [0xaaaade1b0c40] [0xffffa1f6c5d8]
/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/ [0xffff9e7071a0]

I have somewhat of a solution, or at least a workaround. The problem only happens when I use a video clip, and doesn’t happen if I use an image or an image sequence. Note that using a video clip as an image sequence still does not work, the input clip has to actually be a series of separate images, and not video. The workaround will probably work for me in the long term, but I guess the real solution would be to look into differences between how ARM64 architecture handles video, relative to Blender, if anyone has any ideas, please comment.

I have understood that arm64 support is still in development:

I don’t think those changes are being added in 2.83 LTS. Have you tried building from master?
Anyway apparently there is still no ffmpeg support according to that task.

Ok, apparently that’s for Mac. You should ask on the developer forum if Raspberry Pi is supported: