Segmentation Fault!!

So, after working on a project for countless hours, I went to pull down a new build from When I went to load my .blend file, I get a segmentation fault!! Blender then closes.

I’ve tried a build for both Ubuntu 11.04 and Win 7 64 bit. Each time, Blender crashes. It only seems to happen with recently released builds though (2.58b or a revision thereof maybe?). The project still loads and works fine in 2.57, and maybe even 2.58.1 works as well, although I’ll have to double-check when I get home.

If I just load the newer revisions of Blender and start a new project, or pull up a different project from the one I’m working on, all seems to be well, so I’m not sure what’s going on with this specific .blend file. I’m not using any add-ons for it. I’m using the compositor with a render layer input, a defocus node, a viewing node and a composite node, that’s all.

Anyone else getting this problem or have any ideas what could be going on?? Any help would be very appreciated! Thank you all.

ok I’ve narrowed it down…there is a plane that I used to emit particles that I’ve deleted. However, after saving the .blend and restarting Blender, the plane won’t go away. I figured this out by downloading a new build of Blender, and appending each object, one at a time, until it crashed.

The plane doesn’t show in my Outliner in the default view, but if I switch to Datablocks and expand out Objects, I see it listed there. How the fuzz do I get rid of this?! Help!

File a bug report and attach your .blend! The devs will help you out.

Also, try asking them on IRC, freenode #blendercoders or #blender

Hey loopduplicate, thanks for the post! I’ll try hitting them up on IRC. The problem with reporting a bug is that it’s from and not, and the bug tracker is for official releases. In the meantime, does anyone know any other way to remove an corrupted object from a .blend? I’ve tried recreating the plane and linking back the particle emitters, the materials, etc. and then deleting it again, which didn’t work. The only other thing I can think of is to create a new .blend and append all the objects except the messed up plane…the only problem with that is that all of the objects get scattered everywhere…materials don’t copy over, textures don’t, etc.

I talked to some devs on IRC and they walked me through deleting the object and mesh (which was a plane in this case) using the command line in the Python console. I was going to post the exact command line text here, but was down for most of the day and I’ve forgotten the commands now. :slight_smile: Anyway, thanks again loopduplicate and devs! Blender 4ever!