Segmentation Fault?

I am getting this error pretty often “Segmentation Fault” and blender closes when this happens, why is that error?
How can i fix it?

It may be this fixed bug but since you have supplied no useful infomation such as even your OS or when the error happens, who knows ?

My history with segmentation faults are usually hardware related, It will most likely be ram related. Is your scene large?

Ubuntu 11.10
40K VERTEX scene! Not large.
It crashes sometime even on a simple scene, i saw that logic is creating this…some logic bricks i guess.

post the blend, so we can evaluate the error !

Is a big blend, a map with player and AI. Fully textured ,with sounds etc. And is a part of my game.

ok. i see. Probably post the scripts?


just found a thread on A guy has a simple blend file producing a Segfault.
I guess it could be a blender bug… have a look…

@ the devs:
how can one evaluate a segfault if the console doesnt print out an Error ?