Segmentation Faults, a solution

With my two linux boxes which are both running Fedora Core 2 and both have nvidia gfx cards, albeit different models, these operations result in segmentation faults:

  1. For yafray if the xml options is disabled then rendering generates a segmentation fault almost immediately after the rendering button is pressed - a number of people have reported this problem on the elysium forums.

  2. Generating particles results in a segmentation fault towards the end of the particle generation.

  3. Alt-A results in a segmentation fault.

I have fixed this by recompiling from the source. Note you need to make sure that the developer versions of SDL, jpeg and png are installed, possibly there are other packages that are needed but were already installed on my system. I used scons for compiling, follow the instructions in the install readme. For fedora there are rpm for SDL, jpeg, png and scons.

Get the source from here

Compiling it yourself will probably make it run faster :o

you also get a segfault on windows 2000 with the provided blender 2.34 and yafray 0.0.7 exe, it happens (on my boxen) when ‘Photons’ are enabled as part of the Global Illumination tab.

I have submitted this to the blender bug tracker, so I suppose they will have a look at it in comming weeks.